Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SpareOne Emergency Phone

SpareOne Emergency Phone, emergency phone

Have you ever experience being stuck in a middle of the road with busted tires and when you reach for your smartphone and try to call your Towing Service you see there's no battery left. You may have different scenario but same predicament.

SpareOne Emergency Phone is very useful in cases like this. SpareOne is a stripped bare to essentials. It worth just $50 and does not require a SIM card. The phone will function as long as you are near a GSM cell tower. The phone can be used in North, Central and parts of South America.

It has One-touch emergency services button. It also said that the battery life holds a charge for up to fifteen years with as much as 10 hours of talk time. On top of the phone there's a LED torchlight can also flash SOS emergency signal. You can also bring it when you're out for a bike since it is waterproof. It has built in panic siren.

The phone is powered by Energizer’s® powerful Ultimate Lithium AA

This emergency phone is essential in home, car, emergency first aid kit, bike, RV, or your kids backpack. It is really easy to use, if you have an emergency, just press the red cross button to call 911.

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