Monday, September 9, 2013

NSA able to hack your smartphone

NSA, hack your smartphone

A report by German media has discovered the capability of NSA to hack into smartphones, including the so-called super-secure Blackberry.

NSA documents in the possession of Edward Snowden and seen by der Spiegel said iPhones, BlackBerry devices and Google's Android mobile operating system are all able to be hacked.

They said that the NSA can take contact lists, SMS traffic, notes and location information about where a user has been. The NSA has set up working groups to tackle each operating system, to gain secret access to the data held on the phones.

der Spiegel also mentioned that the NSA are proud of how much data it can get out of an Apple iPhone and how they can use this to hack the computer they sync with.

They use "scripts" which enable additional access to at least 38 iPhone features. Blackberrys have been hackable since 2009, where agents could see and read SMS traffic. But the NSA lost this ability after the Canadian company changed the way it compresses its data. Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency helped them to regain access to BlackBerry data and share them the process on how to hack it.

The cache of documents also reveals that the NSA has succeeded in accessing the BlackBerry mail system, which was known to be very secure.

BlackBerry has always claimed that its mail system is uncrackable, I guess it's no longer the case.

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