Monday, March 28, 2016

Kenmore Refrigerator 72053

Kenmore Refrigerator 72053, appliances

Kenmore Refrigerator 72053, appliances

The Kenmore Refrigerator (72053) has the capacity of 31 cu-ft with French Door and it is price at $3,899 which makes it the most affordable french door refrigerators on the market. With it size at 31 cu-ft, it is enough for about 6 adults in a house.

The features of this refrigerator is to maximize convenience, food freshness, reliability, and ownership cost. It significantly out-performs the average refrigerator on the market today. It is equipped with a water and ice dispenser, for convenience. It also has water filter to purify the drinking water. You will need to replace the filter unit regularly to keep the water clean. (Kenmore 46-9690 KenmoreClear Refrigerator Water Filter $39.99 )

It has single digital temperature readout informing the user of the accurate temperatures in the internal compartments of the fridge.

It has a single compressor and dual evaporator refrigeration system, this make sure that food can stay fresh a little bit longer. This occur by separating the air in the refrigerator and freezer compartments from each other, thus preventing the transfer of odors and freezer burns on food.

The Kenmore Refrigerator model 72053 has a stainless steel finish, it also comes in matte white (72052) and matte black (72059).

Energy consumption of this unit is about 579 kWh of electricity per year.

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