Thursday, January 8, 2015

Android Lollipop Slow? Here's a Fix

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Android has significantly improve the Android Lollipop in terms of design, performance, apps list, and battery life. However, despite all these improvements you may experience some lag and slowdown that may frustrate you.

Android Lollipop users have reported to the Android AOSP bug tracker some lag problems that happened after two days of "standby" time, and it went back to normal when they do a reboot. Expert said that what causing the problem is a  "memory leak", were apps keeps on using RAM even though it is no longer needed.

Those apps after some time may use so much RAM that when you use an app you will experience a lag since the system don't have enough RAM for it to function. The system will by closing apps to open more memory, which will then force it to recreate and restore the state of the apps it closed if you need to use them again. This cycle will make the system laggy.

The issue has been reported and now tagged as "resolved" however they offer no fix for now. We will have to wait for future version of Android (Android 5.0.3 or 5.1, or 6.x) to get a fix. For now all we can do is reboot the system.

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