Thursday, November 20, 2014

Watch out Google Here Comes Yahoo, Firefox Drops Google for Yahoo Search Engine

Google, Yahoo, search engine, Yandex, Baidu

Mozilla's browser have chosen Yahoo as its default search engine, Google has been the default search engine on Mozilla's Firefox browsers since 2004. Firefox will be using Yahoo Search Engine starting December.

Yahoo has said that they will be launching a brand new, “clean, modern and immersive design” that will match Firefox’s sleek new look. Mozilla Firefox and Google has been at odds with each other that started when Google created their own browser, Google Chrome.

Starting December Firefox users will automatically be redirected to Yahoo’s search website if they use the search feature that is located on the upper right corner of the browser. Mozilla has also partnered with China based search engine Baidu and Russian Yandex search engine. These search engines will also be made into Firefox’s default program in starting December.

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